Tina Bilazarian

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My Testimonials

Pleased to quote from our satisfied clients, with permission:

Dr. & Mrs. A. Tapper
Boylston, MA

We knew right away she would be frank, no nonsense, perfect for us.

Rev. George Hoyer
Holden, MA

Realizing you were on top of the process all along the way, made it easy.

Dr. Julie Pilitsis / Mr. Tim Mayer
Shrewsbury, MA

Everything was great, finding the right house.

Bob and Delphine Pape
Shrewsbury, MA

Services were excellent!

Dr. & Mrs. Barry Hanshaw
Boylston, MA

Over a lifetime of home buying in several states and 3 countries, we have not seen the equal of Tina in professionalism, integrity or just plain common sense.